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Connect your team with the world's most popular social communications channel: video.
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Connection on a human level

Studies have shown that video and audio cues picked up when interacting face-to-face help bond a team together. Bounce is the only business communications tool that creates face-to-face interaction across your entire team, keeping them connected on a deeper level.
  • Stronger bonding with face-to-face interaction
  • Connect colleagues across departments
  • Increase organizational cohesion
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Communication that's always convenient

Scheduling conference calls - especially across time zones - can be a challenge, and holding everyone's attention during lengthy calls is almost impossible. Quick Bounce videos communicate the same information at the time that's most convenient to each team member.
  • Less time spent managing schedules
  • Fewer lengthy conference calls
  • Let workers absorb information when they're most receptive
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Group feedback for wide collaboration

Anyone can view and comment on a video, making it easy to start a conversation and gather feedback from the entire organization. Bounce helps eliminate information silos by spreading communications widely across the team.
  • Spread information widely
  • Eliminate information silos
  • Include everyone in the conversation
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Bring any team or group together

Bounce isn't just for companies - almost every type of social business interaction has gone remote. Sign up today to experience the easiest way to keep your group connected.
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Designed to be intuitive

All the functionality your employees are already accustomed to from their social media platforms, now available to keep your team connected:
  • Swipe up and down to move between videos
  • Swipe right and left to move between channels
  • Tap to comment or send a direct message
  • Save videos as favorites to easily find them later
  • Search videos quickly by title, description, tag or author
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Simple management

Bounce makes it easy for administrators to manage the platform and its users:
  • Add and remove users individually or by domain
  • Track engagement statistics
  • See how your users are interacting
  • View and manage all videos and comments
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Easy to get started

It only take a minute to sign up online and invite your team.
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